Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful

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Trash is a problem in our parish—but a preventable one

Even though not everyone litters, everyone has to pay the consequences. 

  • For example Louisiana spends about $40 million in taxpayer dollars each year on litter removal, abatement, education, and enforcement.    
  • It costs $11.5 billion annually to clean up trash in the U.S. 
  •  93% of homeowners say a littered neighborhood would decrease their assessment of a home’s value and influence their decision to purchase a property.    

  •  32% of litter at storm drains and drainage areas are tobacco products, making it worse when it floods.
  • 36% of business development officials say that litter impacts a decision to locate to a community.
  • The presence of litter in a community decreases property values by nearly 10%.

KWBRB has made it easier than ever to get involved, report littering, and share information with others. Everything you need to make a difference can be found on this website. If you have a question or need help? Call us at (225) 490-8549.


People participating in Adopt-A-Spot

Get a group together and schedule
a time to clean up an area of your
choice. KWBRB will provide supplies.

Report Litter

Person throwing litter on the ground   

Reporting litter is an easy process.
Call (225) 490-8549 and
we will make an attempt to get the litter removed.


"Please Do Not Litter" Signs Available

Are you tired of seeing litter on your property? Do you want to do your part to Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful? Do you just not like litter? If you said yes to any of these questions, please fill out a request form, for a "Please Do Not Litter" yard sign here

These signs are complementary of Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful for West Baton Rouge Parish residents.


We encourage all residents to recycle. Click Here for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items for recycling. 

Arrangements for a recycling cart can be made through the West Baton Rouge Parish Utility Department. For more information please call (225) 336-2406.