Great American Clean Up

20 volunteers reported to clean and beautify areas of West Baton Rouge Parish on Saturday, May 23, 2015. Coordinated by Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful Executive Director Tammy Allen, groups worked in conjunction with the Great American Clean Up. Thanks to all the volunteers for all their efforts towards a cleaner West Baton Rouge.


Projects included the following:

  • Thomas Gresham and his group in the Sugar Mill group picked up litter within the Sugar Mill neighborhood, in the shared green spaces
  • New residents Robin and Wes Ercanbrack picked up litter near the area of Highway 1 North
  • Volunteers, along with residents, contributed funds to cut down a large branch in the Benevolent Society Graveyard located on the corner of Louisiana Avenue and Eleanor in Port Allen
    • The branch had been knocked down by a previous storm. Once complete, another group then mowed, picked up litter, cleaned and refreshed the paint on the tombs. This project was led by Ray Helen Lawrence, Port Allen City Council Member and Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful Board Member
  • Tammy Allen led a group to pick up litter near the intersection of Lobdell Highway and Rosedale Road in Port Allen


The Great American Cleanup Day occurs every year in April

The Great American Clean Up is a time of year that Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful (KWBRB) uses to get the community to come together and help to beautify the parish. There are many different projects that can be done and KWBRB can provide some necessary supplies to assist in these.

Contact Us

Do you have an area you would like to beautify and cleanup in West Baton Rouge Parish? If so, give us a call at 225-490-8549 and share your ideas. Volunteer and show your parish pride. We can provide trash bags, pick-up sticks, and many other supplies.

Keep America Beautiful Great American Clean Up Louisiana (JPG)
Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup Louisiana (JPG)