Running on Steam

This tour explores how four ordinary individuals:

  1. Impacted the way sugarcane is planted, grown, harvested and processed into sugar crystals.  

  2. Revolutionized the industry, dramatically changed Louisiana both agriculturally and economically, and had implications for the wider world.

The experience incorporates math, science, technology and engineering principles as well as elements oRunning on Steamf art and music while situating the students appropriately in historic context. Students will understand how these principles advanced the sugar industry, revolutionized the processing of sugar cane and ultimately forever changed Louisiana agriculturally and economically.  Additionally, students perform several hands-on tasks throughout the 3 to 4 station tour to illustrate these concepts.  Hands-on activities include:  conducting experiments with hand-operated vacuums, taste-testing sugar products, and designing mechanical harvesters and planters.

Tour Information

  • Program Length: 2 Hours
  • Recommended for: 4th Grade through 8th Grade